Where To Shop For Set Designer Clothes?

Are you wondering where to shop for Set designer clothes? There are many fashion brands across the globe, many of which though are not available in certain countries. However, there are some that are available but they’re not hugely stocked within high street and online stores. Fortunately, here at Onda we have a range of quality fashion designer brands of clothes, one of which including the designer clothing brand Set.

Set is a fashion brand that stands for the contemporary and urban casual look. They describe their fashion 'exude a casual elegance which is always paired with an edgy sexiness. We love their fashion and that is why we stock their casual designer clothes.

Currently in our Set collection are a variety of comfy looking coats, dresses, jackets, knitwear, shirts and tops for you to choose from. We currently have a Set jumper in shirt navy, Set lace dress, Set chunky kit jacket, Set coat dark grey (which has been reduced by £108), Set chiffon tee cream, Set relaxed chiffon tee black Set Khaki trench coat, Set lacy top and a range of Set chiffon tees.

If you're shopping for your Christmas party then look no further. We stock clothes from some of the most notable fashion designer across the globe, including Annette Gortz, Dina Paris, Essentiel, Kristensen Du Nord, Momoni, Wonderlust and of course Set.

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