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Are you shopping for Kristensen du Nord items in the UK?

Kristensen du Nord is a rare brand in the UK, in fact it is much more common across Europe and USA. The most common locations to find Kristensen du Nord clothing is in Paris, Milan, Barcelona and Los Angeles. If you are into fashion that breathes class, elegance and a passion for fabrics, then Kristensen du Nord is most certainly the designer clothing that you want to introduce to your wardrobe.

Kristensen du Nord began back in 1996. The range of fashion is carefully designed and manufactured exclusively by skilled Italian craftsmen. All of the materials used by Kristensen du Nord are raw, and that’s how they create such quality. These raw materials include natural fibres, cotton, silk and cashmere. The intricate fashion goes through rigorous testing to ensure its quality, and to review if each product presents the passion that Kristensen du Nord desire from their quality clothing.

Onda are proud to reveal that they will be stocking a range of Kristensen du Nord items by the end of September.

In the meantime, be sure to continue to the Onda website now and view the other range of quality designer items they stock on the website.