Rose Rankin Green Coney Low-Top Sneakers

Are you an admirer of the Rose Rankin collection of trainers? Here at Onda, we know quality when we see it, and that’s exactly what we thought when we came across Rose Rankin.

We adore the brand, which is why we now stock a good selection of Rose Rankin shoes for our clients. If you’re someone who loves colour and you want your feet to glow when you’re out and about, then we believe that our Rose Rankin Green Coney Low-Top Sneakers are for you. We specifically love our Green Coney Low-Tops and their vibrant and electric green metallic leather design. With white laces and a white sole, it has the traditional sneaker look; but it’s made with a silver leather lining and a shimmering tag and looping tongue.

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We enjoy inventing looks, so we really love it when one of our customers comes in to form their very own look; using our various styles and quality brands. Some of the well-known brands we stock include Abro, Annette Gortz, BA&SH, Gertrude, James Jeans, Momoni, Mother Jeans, Munthe, Pazuki and Rose + Rose to name a few.

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