Munthe Dresses

Do you want to find the best selection of comfortable, stylish and attractive luxury clothing brands online in one place? Here at Onda, our main aim is to provide our customers with the best selection of luxury clothes from around the world.

One of the brands we stock is Munthe – a luxury clothing brand that offers beautiful clothes for all occasions. If it is dresses that you are looking for, then you can always rely on Munthe dresses to give you the perfect look you desire.

Relaunched in 2014, Munthe Clothing is a high-end Danish women’s clothing brand available in its flagship stores in Denmark, and online both internationally. We are fortunate to provide a range of Munthe Clothing in the UK on our website, offering clothing, outerwear and accessories.

Naja Munthe­, creator of the brand, identifies with her Scandinavian culture by injecting her brand with loose, oversized tailoring. Inspired by cultures worldwide, Naja Munthe intended for the consumers of Munthe to stretch beyond Denmark, which no doubt motivated the collaboration with us.

Our partnership with Munthe is perfect, simply because we share similar ethos and philosophy within the world of fashion. Both of us integrate the styles of our countries of origin with other influences from cultures worldwide.

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