Munthe Clothing UK

Recently relaunched in 2014, Munthe Clothing is a high-end Danish women’s clothing brand available in its flagship stores in Denmark, and online both internationally and in the UK.

Onda is a British female clothing store based in St. Mawes, Cornwall that has since expanded to selling its own brand as well as other brands on its website. It hosts a range of Munthe Clothing UK products including clothing, outerwear and accessories.

Naja Munthe­, creator of the brand, identifies with her Scandinavian culture by injecting her brand with loose, oversized tailoring. Muted tones and contrasting textures are also a significant feature of Munthe’s latest Spring/Summer 16 season. Inspired by cultures worldwide, Naja Munthe intended for the consumers of Munthe to stretch beyond Denmark which no doubt motivated the collaboration with Onda.

The partnership between Onda and Munthe is very natural as they share a similar ethos and philosophy within their branding. Both integrate the styles of their countries of origin with other influences from cultures worldwide.

Both Onda and Munthe take a step beyond the conventional UK fashion trends, targeting casual everyday wear with a comfortable and relaxed fit, intended for a high end market. It is worn and loved by many, including top models. This season, Munthe features a lot of dark florals as well as the contrasts in material, tailoring, colours and textures which are a key staple of the brand.

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