Munthe Blouse

Whether you’re looking to spice up your work wear or you want to find nice looking clothing for casual occasions, then Onda will have the perfect range of luxury clothes for your every need. If it’s comfortability and style that you look for in your clothes, then Munthe is a lovely brand to look at. With a great selection of clothes to choose from, you will be able to create the perfect look with Munthe.

We offer a selection of Munthe blouses online, all of which are suitable for all occasions. A blouse can be used for wear in formal settings and can offer versatility for those times that you have the option to dress down for a casual day out, running errands or seeing friends. For a quality Munthe blouse, view our selection on our exclusive Onda collection.

Currently in our selection of Munthe blouses we have our Munthe Kismeth and Munthe Kody.

Our Munthe Kody in particular is very effective in terms of giving you that freedom for both corporate and casual settings. The blouse is a short silky soft blouse in 100% viscose. It's large signature print of stars offers great satisfaction and offers a deep v-neck fit.

Find out more today about our Munthe blouse by taking a look through our website.

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